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How To Monitor The Growth Of Backlinks With An Online Tracker



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Backlinks are the backbone of search engine optimization (SEO) and have a significant impact on rankings. It is not much easy to gain high-quality backlinks but needs extra effort and time. A big challenge for SEO professionals is to maintain control of backlinks on the website. Many online backlink checkers will assist you in monitoring the growth of backlinks on your webpages. Let’s see how these useful tools work for you.

How To Utilize A Website Backlink Checker:

It is not crucial to get an expert for using these online tools, but one must keep in mind the essential steps.

  • It would help if you searched for the best tool you think affordable because not all the tools are free.
  • You will enter the URL of the required webpage in the provided space by the tool.
  • The tool may offer you to select a specific page or all the pages found on your site to check the backlinks.
  • As a final step, you must hit the button “Check Backlink” and get immediate results.

We must talk about the benefits or features that an online backlink checker can provide to its customers. 

The Key Features Supplied To You By A Backlink Analyzer:

Here we write some advantages below:

  • You can guess or track the source of backlinks that are where they come from.
  • You are welcome to enter any site’s URL and take its audit without breaking a sweat.
  • The tool may enable you to find out your best performing article.
  • The quality committed tools can also let you know the main pages that bring more backlinks to you.
  • You can also upload the URL of your competitor’s site in the tool to examine the backlink profile and pattern they have followed.

Let’s write up some well-built online backlink checker tools that can examine your web pages and keywords.

Suggested The Best Backlink Analyzer Tools:

Backlink Checker by SmallSEOTools:

This free backlink tracker will help you to increase traffic on your webpages organically. It can tell you the total number of backlinks on your whole website, and you can quickly examine the score of your site with the help of this remarkable tool. This online Backlink Checker will display the number of Dofollow and Nofollow links on your websites. It can effectively point out the URL which is linking back to your webpage. You will reach the exact anchor text present in the link back with this website backlink checker. It also becomes easy to find out the type of link, either it is a Dofollow or Nofollow link. The interface of this backlink tool is very simple and easy to use.


It will come up with unique tools to examine the backlinks and keywords found on your webpages. You have to log in to this tool and press the icon “Backlink Analytics” to type your domain name. It will display information about your website and backlinks found in it. You can also view the detailed report provided by it. This backlink checker will offer you to enter your competitor’s website’s URL and check all the keywords they get ranked for. 


This backlink tracker is from Mangools, so you must have an account to monitor backlinks. It will allow you to filter the links by deleted, new, lost, or nofollow. The best feature provided by it is “Favorite Backlinks,” which helps you make a shortlist of targeted backlinks present on competitors’ sites. You may also use this key feature to fix some backlinks found on your website. It will not ask you to pay or use a credit card for the first ten days of the trial. 


The users use it mainly for keyword research, but it can also work as a backlink checker. It displays a detailed view of your backlinks with the powerful tools. You can quickly get to know about the recent backlinks, lost backlinks, backlinks marked as follow or nofollow, and many more. Its free version will allow you to get backlink information about a few sites only. You will have to purchase its paid tool if you need to examine everything about a domain. 


Its easy-to-use and simple user-interface will provide you with a detailed overview of your domain. You can quickly find out all those backlinks that you have lost. It will assist in searching all those backlinks that are deleted or broken from a specific webpage. This tool allows you to check and fix the internal links on your webpage that you have followed accidentally. It will ask you to pay $7 to use it for the first seven days and $ 99 for a month. 

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