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Top 4 Prettiest Zenith Watches For Women



Top 4 Prettiest Zenith Watches For Women

Accessories are women’s best friend when it comes to creating iconic looks. If you think your outfit is too simple, throw on an over top earrings, and you will look like you are going to attend a fashion runway. Accessories make everything look well put together as if you spend a week thinking about your outfit.  

Arguably the best accessory would be the watch. This is because watches do not just upgrade your fashion look, but they also provide you function and convenience on your wrist. Imagine being able to know what time of the day it is just by looking at your wrist. It will save you from the hassle of finding the nearest wall clock or searching for your phone in your purse. 

If you are searching for a watch of outstanding quality and exquisite aesthetics, you have just come to the right website. Today, we will introduce a specific watch brand that will mark all the qualifications in your checklist of what a good watch should be. We will also be suggesting particular models from the brand that may become the watch of your dream. 

Behind the brand name Zenith 

Zenith watches has been gifting the fashion industry with beautiful luxury watches for over 148 years. Favre-Jacot is the creator of this iconic brand and is the first brand owner to ensure that all the watch pieces are produced under one roof. This brand is very iconic that its timepieces merit huge value in the watchmaking industry. 

  • Zenith Elite Lady Moonphase 18KT GULD 18.2320.692/80.C713

Brown leather can be considered as a classic with how it managed to gain traction as a staple in fashion. Many people love that it is a deviation from the usual black leather, yet it is still neutral enough for it to be paired with any outfit color. This beauty from Zenith will captivate your heart with the warm-tone combinations of rose gold and brown. 

Its case, lug, crown, and buckle are in rose gold color, complementing the warm color of its brown leather strap and the bright white dial. Lines are drawn instead of numbers, so it has a minimalist feel to it. It has polished gold plated faceted hands, a sub-dial that also echoes the minimalist theme, and a day & night window.     

  • Zenith Elite Lady Automatic Silver Dial Ladies Watch 03.2330.679/11.M2330 

This watch can fit with anything. You can wear it to conferences, club nights with your ladies, a walk in the park, or even at school. It just effortlessly blends in with your outfit and makes everything about your look coherent. This model is an all-silver beauty, from its stainless steel strap to its case, lug, and crown matching with a warmer tone of silver dial. 

The numbers are written in Roman Numerals. Its hands are shaped like leaves, entirely occupying the spacious center of the watch. To top it all is the brand name written on the top part with its logo. Like most watches from Zenith, it has a transparent back, which allows you to see the timepiece’s inner machinery.   

  • Zenith Elite Moonphase Automatic White Dial Unisex Watch 16.3200.692/01.C832

This unique timepiece will surely enchant anyone with its strap tinted with the prettiest shade of blue. If you want to wear something deviant yet not too over-the-top, this is for you. The powder blue strap is just a perfect combination to the silver hardware of the watch, especially its case adorned with dainty gems. 

Numbers are replaced with lines, which again takes the minimalist theme. It has sword-shaped hands at the center, just below the brand name and logo written in silver. It has one sub-dial and a day & night window at the bottom part. This watch is part of their Elite series and is among their models that do not specify genders. 

  • Zenith Elite Classic Automatic Silver Dial Unisex Watch 16.3200.670/01.C831

Wear this watch, and everyone will turn their heads as you walk. The fiery red color of the leather strap of this beauty is a certified attention grabber. This is perfect for girls who always want to keep it extra. The brightness of the strap is contrasted by the silver hardware, its case filled with tiny gems. 

The dial is in basic white color, with the numbers replaced with sword-shaped symbols matching its sword-shaped hands. On top of the hands is the brand name and logo and on the bottom part is a date window. This masterpiece is also a part of the elite series and also among the watches in their vast collection that is not specific to gender. 


When it comes to choosing the perfect watch, the qualification varies. But of course, a subcategory of the relative standards are quality and aesthetics. This is why many people would choose to invest in luxury watches because aside from the looks, it is guaranteed to have the best quality. Zenith watches is the perfect brand for you!

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