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This week, Staples will give a rebate on the purchase of Visa gift cards. By May 27, 2017, you will receive a $20 Visa Prepaid card after simple reimbursement if you buy a Visa gift card for $300 or more. Staples was a pioneer in facilitating discounts for buyers via enabling most discounts to be filed online without needing to remove UPCs or sending receipts. Rebates arrived faster, typically as a postcard control. MrConsumer was recently intrigued to the net pricing while shopping for a cordless phone after the Easy Rebate was included. After leaving the shop and scanning the discount form given (for those who prefer to mail in their discounts), it became obvious that the discount was not a cash discount (by check) but instead would be paid using a prepaid Visa. I wondered how I could have missed it in their weekly publicity. Staples offers a gift card promotion from Visa and Mastercard which started yesterday and lasts until 18 November. When you buy $300 or above in Visa or Mastercard gift cards, you get a $15 Staples Gift Card via simple rebate. The bargain is quite different from the previous, as it has been running for two weeks, but this time too there are problems.


How Do Staples Rebates Work?

How it works for those not acquainted with the Staples Easy Rebates process:

  • 1. Buy at least $300 in Visa gift cards using your credit card at a Staples store. The cashier will hand you a rebate form with your receipt.
  • 2. Complete and submit your rebate form. I like to do mine online at and it only takes a minute or two.
  • 3. A few weeks later you will receive your $20 Visa prepaid card by mail.

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Staples Coupon Policy:

  • Will price match in-ad prices, or within 14 days of your Staples purchase and Staples will give you the difference.
  • Won’t price match competitor’s website prices
  • Price match is after all Staples coupons and rebates are deducted. So if you want to price match a $30 item, and the price is $40 at Staples with a $7 Easy Rebate, Staples will give you another $3 off for the price match.
  • If another company offers a product that comes with a mail–in rebate, gift check, gift card or an equivalent, we will only match the price you pay at the point of purchase and will not take the mail–in rebate, gift check, gift card or equivalent into account.
  • You don’t have to mail in Staples rebates.  Just go to Staples Easy Rebates and enter in your purchase information.   You’ll get a confirmation e-mail and your rebate in 4-6 weeks.

Deal Idea #1

  • Staples 8.5 x 11 Multipurpose Paper, single ream $7.79 (item no. 513099)
  • Easy Rebate on Staples 8.5×11 multipurpose paper ream (Staples coupon)

Deal Idea #2

  • Staples 8.5 x 11 Multipurpose Paper 10-Ream Case $53.99 (item no. 513096)
  • Easy Rebate on Staples 8.5×11 multipurpose paper case (Staples coupon)


If you ever get such a card for a discount, just go to the contact us page and let them know what is happening. It is likely to be only a system failure and they will repair it immediately. You got a similar postcard? In the comments, let me know.

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