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Qoob Reviews, Features and Pricing in 2021




Social media is a marvel of the contemporary world. This is the easiest way to communicate with the ones sitting miles away. The media files covering the major events of your life mean a lot in your life. You would definitely like to share these happy moments with your loved ones. There were times when it took days to send the messages to the special ones. Technology has changed the face of connecting and communicating. The social is one such way so that you can send the messages or media swiftly to the receiver side no matter how far he is from you. In the last few years, popular social media platforms have evolved including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram.

The growing fame of social platforms has encouraged users to get their benefits in the field of the business too. One popular social media in this context is Instagram. It has become popular in a very short span of time and has won the hearts of users of all ages, genders, and interests. The current statistics show that there are over 1 billion active users from different spheres of life who often need the assistance of social media. This impressive user statistic reveals that most of the users include marketers, influencers, photographers, and videographers.

How can I download the Instagram media?

Instagram is a popular platform for social connectivity. If you are using Instagram for your usual media share then you can share all sorts of media without any inconvenience. The media can be visual, audio, or in video format. Instagram has many commendable features but at the same time, the limitations cannot be ignored either. The most bothersome element is the inability to download the media when you want. Unlike YouTube and other social media platforms that help you download your favorites, Instagram does not facilitate the users with such features. The download features rest only with those who have either posted the media or have the permission to share it.

Are you not happy with missing the favorite media on Instagram? 

Do you want an alternative for downloading the media without any inconvenience?

For some, it may be impossible to do all this but there is a successful way out to handle the task of downloading from the Instagram accounts. The development of Qoob as the third-party downloader for Instagram has proved its worth. Thus it makes the platform easier to handle while downloading the media. Qoob was launched in the market after a long testing period.

If you are aware of the downloaders and have been using them in the past for getting the Instagram media then you will definitely find Qoob different from the rest of the applications meant for downloading the media coming from Qoob. On the other hand, if you are a new user and have no acquaintance with Qoob then don’t feel bad. We have set this article to guide you regarding all the possible aspects of Qoob that you want to know about.

Features that you have never experienced before

  • No ads while browsing Instagram feeds on the desktop.
  • Unique auto-download function
  • Quick and quality assured media download option.
  • Search content using filters like location or hashtag.
  • Downloads stories and highlights both.
  • Keeps the identity hidden.

How to use Qoob?

Complete the selection, subscribe, and then you are ready to download the favorites. You can subscribe to several channels. The subscription list rests before your eyes. It is better to customize the list by giving it a username. In this way, it becomes easy to use it offline too.

The list has an arrow button on it. This arrow helps you search for posts by one account. There is an option to have a look at the caption of the favorite media. It is even easier to see the files by simply clicking there once. Visit the post, right-click on it, and then find all the information related to its opening before you. You can also go through the comments and the reviews of the post.

To have a look at the personal feed on the profile simply go to the profile icon in the right corner. Log n with your password and the username. There are ad-free feeds too.

In short, it is a simple yet efficient mode of downloading Instagram posts whenever you like.


Qoob can be used under three different packages. The user has the choice to choose any of these depending upon his needs and requirements.

Free Plan

The free plan has no cost. You can subscribe to two accounts giving you the permission to download 200 videos and photos at the same time. If you are a beginner then this makes the right choice with both quality and user satisfaction. It won’t be wrong to suggest that it is a great test package.

Premium Plan

Premium plans may cost you some bucks but at the same time, it is a professional way of handling Instagram media. In 7 dollars a month it is possible to get 10 different accounts that permit you to download unlimited media on a daily basis. It even allows downloading the data from private accounts.

Professional Plan

A professional plan is the best for professional assistance. It costs 25 dollars a month and takes away all the restrictions. There is no limit to the accounts and so it can help in the business assistance.


Qoob is the result of the efforts of the best tech experts in the world. It came to the market after testing and trial making sure that the customers get the maximum out of the application. There may be some flaws and limitations but on the whole, it gives the best outcomes once you start using it. It qualifies for being the best application so far. With all the features and the functionality, it gives the best results that any user can expect. For those who are looking for perfection, there is nothing better than the Qoob as the downloader.

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