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The PS5 Games in 2021 That You Should Look Forward To




We are in the year 2021 and there are some interesting upcoming games that you can buy using gift codes and ready to play on your PS5. Although there are presently no set dates, there is so much information on the games being released and some free upgrades for the PS4 as well.

Whatever, you might be hoping from the PS5 games, we are sure that you will find something in the list below. There are some amazing sequels, survival horror, and also inspiring games that will make you feel proud for being the owners of PS5. So without wasting any further here is the list of some of the PS5 games that you shouldn’t be missing out on this year:

1. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena had been introduced by Ember Lab Studios. The company founders Mike Grier and Josh had introduced the upcoming game. Kena will be available on PS5 during the Sony showcase and we have to say that the games just seem magical. There is a beautiful world shown with an adorable fuzzy creature named Rot.

Now Rot acts as the spirit companion for the player and can also manipulate the ambiance. Kena is certain to catch your interest. While presently we don’t have much information on the game as of now, it’s mainly described as the story that’s driven with adventure and action in the world that’s charming and exploration rich with combat that’s fast-paced.

2. Hitman 3:

Death is waiting. Now we have Agent 47 back in the “Instalment of Hitman” with the upcoming game. This will be the conclusion of the “World of Assassination trilogy”. We were able to see the new trailer in the latest reveal of PS5, and there was a confirmation made that this will be seen over the console this year.

It is claimed that Agent 47 will be taking part in one of the most professional, intimate careers that he made in his career. In one of the blogs by PlayStation, it stated that the stakes are on a high and when the project will be finished, Agent 47 with the world the surrounds him will not remain the same. We can see that this is some dramatic conclusion that we have in store.

3. Yakuza 7

The game has been released in Japan already. Yakuza 7 is all set for being launched this year in March. In case you haven’t been able to play the game yet, be ready for some huge changes from the previous ones. There will be a replacement on the gameplay and there will also a 4 member team fighting with you. Naturally, some changes can embrace these changes and so far the game has received some positive reviews from Japan.

Final Thoughts:

PS5 games are having a sturdy start, but there are many huge titles that we need to wait for this year and beyond. The above list shows some of the best ones that you shouldn’t be missing out on.

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