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PDFBear: Free PDF Conversions For HTML, Word, and JPG




The continuity of the PDF file’s usability is quite exceptional. They continue to serve as one of the most important and useful file formats in electronic files’ history. Most professionals and technical computer users use the portable document format as their standard file format for most documents, whether personal or work-related. How do we convert them, though?

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is an online instrument you can use to convert your files from and to PDF. It offers a good set of tools for converting, compressing, splitting, merging, and editing PDFs. It also has more security features to unlock and lock your PDF documents. You can also recover corrupted PDFs with their efficient repair PDF function, it’s really a nifty all-in-one tool. 

The usual question for beginners is why we have to convert our regular files to the portable document format? The two primary factors that make PDFs exceptional are content uniformity and compact size. Although PDFBear offers a good range of variation for PDF conversion, we will focus the discussion on how to convert Word, JPG, and HTML to PDF

What do we mean by content uniformity? There are common instances wherein users complain when they send a 2017 Word Doc to another user with a different MS Word version. This scenario also applies to Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Some features are not available with other versions, resulting in a more complicated file with different fonts and appearances.

Converting your typically used files to PDF prevents you from these problems.  The files you saved as PDF will remain as it is even when sent to various users. With its more compact size, PDFs are also a lot easier to transfer via webmail platforms and save space for users of both ends. 

HTML To PDF Conversion

So why do we need to convert HTML to PDF? For cases wherein you want to save a specific webpage’s content without going through the hassle of manual copy-paste and print screen, converting the webpage’s HTML to PDF is ideal. This action will not only save your time but also ensure the quality of your file’s content. 

People used to have difficulties presenting webpages to others because of their technicalities. Fortunately, we can now overcome that common dilemma with technological advancements such as PDFBear. We will only discuss the steps to convert to PDF in this section, for it also applies to Word and JPG formats. 

  1. To start PDF conversion, you must first visit PDFBear’s main page and select HTML to PDF. 
  2. Copy your webpage’s link and paste it on the PDFBear converter tool. For other file formats, this is the phase wherein you upload your files by dragging them to the converter Dropbox.  
  3. In just less than ten seconds, your HTML is now converted to PDF and available for download. For social media file sharing, copy the PDF’s URL and send it to your friends or colleagues. 

Word To PDF Conversion

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, Word documents usually have version problems when transmitted from one user to another. This is like Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Some functions may not be available to other Excel, and some slide transitions may be unavailable to different versions. There are many complications. 

It is most recommended to convert your Word document to PDF for faster and safer file transfer. Although Word files are also friendly to print, PDFs are still the most convenient file formats to use when printing. You can also avoid unnecessary adjustments to your Word’s contents when in PDF, since they are naturally less-modifiable than Word documents. 

JPG To PDF Conversion

JPG photos are the most preferred file formats for sharing and printing images. Although PNGs also make tough competition regarding resolution and quality, JPGs are still highly preferred by many. Aside from its more glossy composition and compact sizing, JPGs are also compatible with most computer systems and devices.

Provided that JPGs are more compact than other image formats, they still become oversized compared to documents. If you are heavily challenged, uploading and sharing them online via online platforms, you can convert them to PDF for faster and easier sending. Worry not; converting them to PDF will not compromise your image’s quality. 


PDFBear is an excellent choice to process your PDF conversions, as it has the perfect set of conversion tools. The files you upload are kept within your visuals only and are safe from unwanted viewers. With PDFBear, your files are kept safe and sound, and the PDF conversions are of top-quality.

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