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The Epitome of Converter Tools: Why Choose PDFBear as Your Go-To Converter




PDFBear is a website that you can readily access anytime and anywhere you want through your web browser. It is an all-in-one converter tool that provides users with a plethora of tools, features, and functionalities. With PDFBear, you are not only able to convert PDF files into various file formats, but you can also do a reverse conversion and convert your files into PDF files.

Since the world is taking another step closer to going paperless, and PDF files are still widely used in today’s digital world, you should know right about now how to convert to and from a PDF file. PDFBear is not only for professional use, but students, average Joes, and alike can also benefit from using this PDF converter tool. So, here is why you should choose PDFBear:

All-in-One Converter

PDFBear provides you with everything in all your conversion needs. Whether you want to convert HTML to PDF, Word to PDF, JPG to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, or vice versa. PDFBear has everything for you. Not only that, but it also gives you a wide variety of handy tools and functionalities such as lock and unlock PDF, split, merge, compress, repair PDF, and a lot more.

There is no need for you to jump from one website to another just to find the tool or feature that you are looking for. PDFBear is your one-stop-shop for everything PDF-related, like managing, editing, or even protecting your PDF files. If you are the type of person who wants everything in one place, you already know what you need.

Fast Conversions

PDFBear guarantees to all of its users that the conversion time will only take a matter of seconds. The whole process of converting your files from the first step to the last will only take a maximum of two minutes regardless of the file size or file quantity. This is a great thing to consider whenever you are on the go and rushing for a nearing deadline.

PDFBear’s conversion process only has three easy to understand steps. The first step is to access PDFBear’s website and choose whichever converter tool you require for your files, and upload your chosen file by dragging and dropping it into the space provided. The second step is to choose whichever options you want that PDFBear provides and wait for the conversion process to finish.

The last step is downloading your recently converted files into your storage device, or choosing to save it in your Google Drive or DropBox. You should note that each downloadable link you get from PDFBear only has a limited time to reduce any unwanted security issues.

No App or Software Needed

In contrast to other PDF converter tools available on the internet, PDFBear does not demand you to install any app or software on your device. All you need is to access PDFBear’s website, choose whichever tool you need, and your file is ready for you to download on your device in just a few minutes.

Knowing this fact, you don’t have to worry about installing any app or software on your device anymore. It is a great way of reducing any risk that your device may get any unwanted viruses or malware infection that usually comes with software or app installation, and eating up essential storage space in your device. 

File Security

One feature that a person always looks for in a website converter is whether their files are safe and secure. PDFBear guarantees that every file and document you upload into their system will be safe and protected. They have installed a 256 Secure Socket Layer Encryption Technology that would encrypt and protect your files as you move them along the internet.

After you have converted your files, your newly downloaded file will also receive another type of SSL connection to ensure that your files will remain safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about your files’ content falling into the wrong hands or someone else having access to them. You can know more about PDFBear’s security measures in their Privacy Policy located below their website.


PDFBear should be your go-to converter tool in all your conversion needs. Usability is one thing, but security is another, which PDFBear both have. Ultimately, you can consider PDFBear as one of the most superior PDF converters. Their website’s interface is very straightforward, making it easier for new users to edit, secure, or convert their PDF files on the go.

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