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ISP White Lists

Zeustrack includes a whitelist tool, ISP (Internet Service Provider). It is useful to limit the traffic from undesirable ISPs. In other words, if it is not from an ISP Whitelist, each visit to the landing page must be screened and routed. If a visit comes from a whitelisted ISP, the campaign filters will be verified. Word to the Wise maintains these ISP reference tables for senders and system administrators who strive to enhance the delivery of email. The following table provides a fast link to several ISP postmaster pages, FBL pages and unblocking pages. The second table covers known connect restrictions, spam filters and certification services. If you are blacklisted, the next step is to contact the ISP concerned and ask to be removed from its blacklist (delisted). Each ISP has an application procedure, most of which starts with an online form. Here are links to some of the most popular ISP apps for Whitelisting/Delisting. Increasingly, ISPs (e.g.,, and mail services (e.g., Hotmail) use filters to attempt and keep spam from the inboxes of consumers. However, sometimes they unintentionally filter the email you would like to receive. Don’t blame your ISP or postal provider, please. Spam volume is huge and what is spam (and what isn’t) is complicated by algorithms. So errors occur. Unfortunately, we all have to deal with the consequences of what spammers do on the Internet. You want to keep spam out, of course. You wish to get crucial communication from – e-mail answers for contacting us, our e-zines if you subscribe and any e-mails you want (and we only EVER send email that you request).

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Every e-mail system is, of course, different. Below are some of the most common instructions. Please contact your ISP Customer Service Directors for instructions if you are not here. (See the reply to us, and we could include it!) We have also provided steps for exempting your subscription from some of the most popular applications when you use some kind of spam filtering or blocking softwares yourself (including what your ISP offers).

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Wikipedia: Village pump (technical)/Archive 149 – Wikipedia
Can you join #wikimedia operations if possible and talk with us? On which ISP are you and where are you? — chat or stalk samtar 9:15, August 30, 2016. (UTC) I saw that you were able to report the phab, thank you – could you mention your ISP? — Talk samtar or stalk 9:18, August 30, 2016. (UTC) Thx Sam. Thx Sam.

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