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How Vendors Should Conduct Wholesale Ecommerce




Wholesale ecommerce could be referred to as B2B ecommerce because it involves selling products in bulk, mostly to other businesses. It is an online business where customers order goods through a marketplace platform with a minimum order number and a secure payment option. The wholesaler or distributor processes the order and facilitates the delivery in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the platform.

As a wholesale or a distributor, conducting a wholesale ecommerce is not as easy as you might think. It requires a lot of planning and deployment of the right resources. A wholesale ecommerce platform comes in handy, especially if it has the right features.

That said, let us look at how to conduct a wholesale ecommerce business.

Get a Business Plan

This is a blueprint with guidance on how to conduct a business. It covers areas such as the product, operations, marketing, and financing. In the case of a wholesale business, it should show how the whole products will be manufactured or procured from a factory, availed in a warehouse, and then presented on an appropriate wholesale ecommerce platform for customers to order. With the right business plan, you can move to the next step of production.

Production of Goods

A wholesale ecommerce is interested in selling bulk products over the web. The first order may come through as soon as the ecommerce is launched, so the product should be ready. Whether you are the manufacturer and want to sell directly or what to aggregate products from different manufacturers, the products should be ready for sale. Choosing a perfect central location for ease of delivery is very important.

Get an Appropriate B2B Ecommerce Platform

This is the epitome of conducting a wholesale ecommerce business. An appropriate B2B ecommerce platform such as Virto Commerce has all the features needed to set up an online shop, provide a marketplace for customers with an excellent user experience, provide a payment solution, and transparent order processing and checkout. More features should be available for teams to work efficiently and deliver to clients pronto.

You should focus on a wholesale ecommerce with the following features:

  • Online marketplace – This is a platform where the wholesale vendor meets the clients and conducts business. Clients should order wholesale goods through a friendly platform with a bulk ordering form, minimum order number, and a secure checkout or payment feature.
  • Multi-vendor capability – It is crucial for all wholesalers to have access to their products page so they can add, edit, and delete products to keep their store information updated.
  • Headless ecommerce solution – One of the reasons why wholesalers seek the help of a wholesale ecommerce platform is for it to take care of back-end operations. A headless solution is perfectly suitable for this.
  • Inventory management capability – The wholesale ecommerce platform should help keep a tab of the inventory at all times through AI and other tech solutions. The wholesaler should enjoy detailed reports to help in decision making.

Launch Your Business

The last step on how to conduct a wholesale ecommerce is launching it in the ecommerce marketplace you have settled on. This is easy when you follow the steps of building a web store page with unique themes or integrating your existing web shop with the marketplace. When all is set, you should be ready to process your first order at any time.

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