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How to Do Link Building: Guide for 2020




Everyone at least a little bit connected to the backlink topic knows that Google ranks websites using links. Earlier, the most important thing was the sheer volume of the links the search engine could find. People were link building like crazy with zero analysis. They were using software like a backlink builder/maker, checker, generator, finder, etc. 

Nowadays, thanks to Penguin-like updates, the quality of every link is even more important than their overall quality. The dilemma nowadays is “To do link building online or not ”. It depends.

Link building still works, but you have to be wise and use high-quality services. Every tool can help if used wisely.

Backlink Building Service: One of the Best Ways to Promote Your Website

One of the best ways to ink building is to find a decent backlink building service. Professionals are working there to find the best websites for you. They have databases and can pick niche-related sites just for your project!

When looking for a service to link building, make sure to visit With these guys, you get:

  • Speed.
    They handle everything from A to Z, so you don’t have to spend time on research. The service has books with lots of webmasters to contact. Just specify the criteria when applying.
  • Reasonable prices.
    They will get you the best deals for any topic. The webmasters in cooperation are very reliable and post loads of articles.
  • Personalized service.
    If you provide criteria for which there are no websites in the database, the team will look specifically for a suitable source for you.

By using NextLeadLinks or similar SEO link building services, you save time and money and get high-quality backlinks. Just make sure you provide as much specific information as possible to get the best result!

Things to Consider When Trying to do link building

When thinking about whether to link building, you should consider the following:

  • Content on those websites.

    When looking for a backlink building service, make sure they offer websites with engaging, interesting content. And make sure you have the same level of content, if not better. Such websites with great SEO and sense in their articles are always good for trading links. So, no matter whether you’re using a link building service or want to link building from a webmaster yourself, it’s important to consider the level of content. However, remember that such websites might ask for a higher payment.

  • Your list of requirements.

    Sometimes the list might get too large. If you find it very difficult to get a necessary website, review your list. It’s great to have high standards when you want to create a great backlink network, but the balance between quality and quantity should be there as well.

  • Build your brand first.

    To be able to purchase great backlinks, do your best to have the name of the brand tell about itself. Improve your overall online presence, SNS coverage, etc. Your emails will be answered much more quickly if you already have some fame.

  • The quality of links.

    Prepare to pay a bit more for those, but high-quality websites that are relatively old and have great ratings of their links are also improving your rating by much. Sometimes it’s better to purchase a couple of such links than 20 of low-quality links.

  • Industry.

    Certain industries just get more traffic due to their specifics. Those are often universal as well. For example, finance websites can refer to any kind of website and topic and connect it to one of their articles.

  • Agency fees.

    If you’re using a service like NextLeadLinks, make sure you include all the fees in your final budget. This particular agency can actually help you save money and time so that all of the other points of consideration will be their responsibility.

Approach the topic of backlink buying very seriously. The best decision you can make now is to turn to professionals for help with the choice and deal-making. Be sure it’s a service with years of experience and great knowledge of all the latest trends in the industry. If there are any questions, you can always contact customer support. Check TechZabee for more articles.

Adam is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast. He works for various Tech Blogs. He spends most of his time reading and writing about technology.

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