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Gogopdf: The Best Website To Edit Your PDF For Free




It is known for most people that PDF files are extremely harder to edit, if not impossible to edit. This feature of the format is what provides its popular foundation up to the present. However, it is also a major problem for many, especially when they possess a messy and unorganized PDF file from their colleagues or the internet. 

Some would say that they will send it back to their colleague or if not just tell it to them so they would also think what to do to fix the problem, while others would just accept it and adjust, meaning, using a phone they will rotate the phone several times while reading. You wouldn’t think of these if you know Gogopdf’s online tool beforehand.

Leave it to Gogopdf

Maybe it is your first time to hear about Gogopdf, or you’ve heard about it a few times and its magical acts. Gogopdf’s online rotate PDF tool allows one to rotate every particular page within the whole PDF file specifically. Some of those who have already heard it are reluctant to use it because of security and privacy issues that may be at risk.

This tool specializes in rotating PDF file pages into the user’s desired order, which can surely help if you receive an immediately needed document. The pages were upside down because the process only takes a few minutes. Gogopdf’s service is a hundred percent free and will not risk the files and documents to abuse or trick the users. 

The Website’s Four Guaranteed Easy to Understand Steps

Gogopdf does not discriminate among its users and puts effort into making a website that will be user-friendly for the whole start to finish the rotating process. The steps were written in large fonts with a color blue arrow to attract the users’ eyes, the first thing the website’s face loads on the screen.

The website avoided using any deep English vocabulary to consider those who might not understand the instructions at first glance. With this interior presentation of the page, it is not unlikely that each user can have a clearer idea as to what the instructions entail.

The process after the user uploaded the PDF files, he or she wants the website to rotate. You can also drag and drop the PDF file on the violet conversion toolbox. After this process, you can now tinker on the online tool, which will tell you to determine their uses before facing lunch; you cannot copy drying.

Since the system will do almost most of the work, you can now wait for the PDF tool to do your bidding. You just have to wait for a few minutes. The number of minutes for the system to finalize the changes may depend on the size of the whole processing and your internet connection.

Once the third process is done, you can now download the finished result on your device or computer. Aside from solving the problem and downloading the result, you can also copy the generated link to share it on your social media accounts.

Gogopdf Showing its Effort 

No one can avoid the judgmental eyes of the people. However, Gogopdf put so much of all its effort into its features to provide the best service it can offer for all the users, newbies and experts alike. Gogopdf was equipped with features that can do their desired rotation without taking any risk regarding keeping your information secure.

The website is affordable, with it being free of charge. Like accessibility, accountability, comfortability, and privacy, all of its other features were top marks. It is proof of Gogopdf’s conviction to commit to the customers without any payment in exchange. 

Gogopdf Astounding Features

The tool features multiple rotation options that allow you to control the whole procedure and rotate it at a certain angle, 90 degrees or 180. You can also opt to rotate a single page only or multiple pages, whichever you prefer and need. Once then, click the “Apply Changes” button; all changes made will be reflected in the present time.

You do not have to worry about the website not working on your device. Gogopdf supports all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc., and can be accessed on all the most popular internet browsers like Google, Mozilla, Safari, and Opera. 

To ensure every user’s safety, the website abides with its privacy, compels the server to automatically delete all the information and data brought about by uploading the desired PDF file after an hour. The whole process will also take place on the internet browser and then saved to the cloud, so installing applications or software is unnecessary. 


Finding something to do the task you want to delegate is hard, especially if you do it on the internet. There are a lot of websites that can do tasks like this for you. However, using these websites will incur changes and hidden charges. The majority of these websites require the creation of a premium account. Gogopdf’s free service is its biggest plus and advantage.

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