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When To Get A Truck Accident Attorney & How?



When To Get A Truck Accident Attorney & How?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a truck is a vehicle that is heavier than 10,000 pounds. Trucks on the roads and highways in the United States are often carrying hazardous materials. The most common form of collision with a truck is with another vehicle. Between 72% to 75% of all truck accidents involve another vehicle. 

A truck accident is much more complicated and very different from a regular car accident. The injuries to the driver and passengers are much more severe in a truck accident in comparison to a car accident. On the other hand, the truck driver might not have any injuries because the driver is seated in an enormous vehicle. Another stark comparison between a car driver and a truck driver is that the actions of the truck driver will be backed up by an insurance company and possibly an organization as well. 

A lot of personal injury law firms claim that they can manage semi-truck accident claims. Their claims may or may not be entirely justified. Every law firm understands that there is a lot at stake when a truck accident occurs. This is the reason why no law firm will ever refuse to take your case even if they do not have the experience to handle it. 

Step 1: Research Options For The Best Truck Accident Attorney

Every lawyer will claim to be the best attorney when you start looking for a truck accident attorney. Remind yourself that research for the best truck accident attorney needs to be within the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is the specific amount of time an individual has after an accident has occurred to file a claim. Legally you may no longer have a claim if that time expires while you are still researching the best truck accident, attorney. 

Ask yourself three basic questions to find the right truck accident attorney.

Question 1: Do you really need a truck accident attorney?

You would not call a plumber if you have diabetes. You would not call an electrician if your pet cat is sick. You wouldn’t call a gardener if you are having trouble with your refrigerator. Similarly, you must call a truck accident attorney if you have been in a truck accident, not a car accident. 

Truck drivers need to obey rules and regulations that are completely different from those of car drivers. Any truck accident attorney you hire should be fully aware of all the possible rules and regulations that could apply in your case. The laws applying to a certain accident can become even more complicated if you suffer disabling injuries in the accident rather than just minor injuries. The lawyer you hire must have experience in dealing with devastating injuries and situations like these to help their clients get the proper compensation they deserve. 

Organizations and insurance companies representing truck drivers will hasten to reimburse you quickly. They rush to pay off clients as soon as possible so that they can make the least possible payout. Qualified truck accident attorneys understand the tactics of organizations and insurance companies representing truck drivers.

Question 2: What To Look For In A Truck Accident Attorney?

You will need to screen multiple potential candidates for the position to find the best truck accident attorney to represent you. No two truck accidents are the same. This is why it is all the more important to know what to look for to select the right car accident attorney to meet your specific needs. The following are just some of the characteristics that set lawyers apart from their peers. 

  • Approachability: Having access to a lawyer at the right time could make all the difference to your case. Not all lawyers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ask your lawyer if they will share their office number or cell phone number if you choose to become a client. It is always nice to know that a lawyer can come to visit you in the hospital if you have sustained major injuries. 
  • Specialization: Some truck accident attorneys have a specialization in addition to truck accidents. For example, some attorneys can help in cases where a driver has been permanently disabled. Similarly, some lawyers specialize in helping to receive restitution to drivers with passengers that have been permanently disabled or fatally injured. The lawyers that can help passengers of a vehicle receive indemnification are highly specialized lawyers. 
  • Experience: Some lawyers have years of experience in the industry. Lawyers with competitive experience will know the practices of major trucking companies in the region, insurance companies, and courts. Lawyers with more experience may not resolve the case faster but they will get you better compensation in comparison to amateur lawyers. 
  • Disciplinary Record: Be wary of lawyers with a disciplinary record. Lawyers or attorneys with a disciplinary record potentially do not meet deadlines, deliver on promises, keep you updated with your case, or engage in unethical behavior. Any lawyer or attorney with a disciplinary record can easily damage your case.

Try to select a truck accident attorney that has the most positive qualities from this list. 

Question 3: Does The Law Firm Have A Reputation?

One of the best ways to find out if a law firm has a reputation is to read up on their reviews, testimonials, and case judgments. A reputable law practice earns the respect of their peers along with an endorsement from their clients. All of this information, pertaining to a specific legal practice, is available online. Always do the proper research on a law practice before hiring them. 

Step 2: Reviewing The Truck Accident Attorneys On Your List

You will have a list of potential truck accident attorneys after completing the basic steps above. Now begins the task of contacting each one and discussing your specific case with them and the members of their team. Lawyers often provide a free initial consultation in the hopes of securing a new client. People attend the consultation but they usually do not know what questions they need to ask. 

The outcome of the consultation is that the lawyers end up asking all of the questions. The potential client does not have a clue which way the case is going except for the fact that they are in the hands of competent lawyers. We have compiled a list of basic questions you should ask a team of lawyers before handing over your case to them. You can pick and choose which questions match your situation. 

  1. What is the number of truck accident cases you have managed? What was the outcome?
  2. Did you handle any case with my type of scenario?
  3. Do you think I have a convincing truck accident claim?
  4. Which attorney or lawyer will you assign to my case?
  5. Does your organization or group of lawyers return phone calls or emails promptly?
  6. Are there any deadlines for me to take action for legal proceedings?
  7. What is the average case handling time for a case like mine?
  8. What are the fees? When and how do they have to be paid?
  9. Are there any fees that need to be paid upfront?
  10. What happens if we do not win the case?

The team of lawyers should be able to answer your questions, particularly after you give them precise information about your case. The answers provided by each law practice should give you a good idea of their expertise. You might get different answers from different legal practices for the same questions. Try to make a comparison between the different legal firms with the answers provided by each.

Which law practice took the time to understand each question and give you a satisfactory response? Were any of the lawyers unnecessarily speedy in giving you a response? Lawyers handling a truck accident claim should usually be working on a contingency fee. This means that you should not be paying anything upfront. 

Working on a contingency fee means that you and your lawyer have the same expectations going into the case. This arrangement helps both the client and the lawyer work together to get the maximum compensation possible. 

Step 3: Select The Best Truck Accident Attorney For Your Case

You will have a good idea who is the best truck accident attorney after having attended so many free consultations. But you might still have some lingering and frustrating questions about your case which the team might not have answered according to your understanding. Do not hesitate to contact them again to get answers to any of your questions. The legal firm will provide you with a contract once you have decided to hire them. 

Remember you do not have to sign the contract then and there. Take the contract and inform them that you will return with the signed contract. Take the contact information of the person you can contact to ask any questions. Always take the time to understand the entire contents of the contract before you sign anything. 

Once everything in the contract makes sense, schedule a meeting with your lawyers. You can provide them with the signed contract. This will now give you the spare time you need to pay attention to your injuries from the accident.

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