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Top 10 Extratorrents Alternatives in 2021



Extratorrents Alternatives

The file-sharing scenes are going in a constant state of disturbance. Many torrent sites come and go, but only a few of them manage to attract users with their features. Extratorrent was one of the sites that captured the user’s attention. The original version of Extratorrent is now not available online. This has left its fans in disappointment. Extratorrent fans are now left with some mirrors of Extratorrent, or they can go for the best alternatives of Extratorrent. 

Extratorrents Proxy Mirror Sites

If you are unaware of the concept of mirror sites then don’t worry we will explain it to you. A mirror website is a copy of the original site. This site looks, works, and feels totally like the original website. This website is managed and hosted on a completely different server. Most of the server owners have the least to do with the real site owners. Mirror sites are confused with proxies sometimes, but they are way different from proxy websites. The working of the proxy sites is of a messenger as it gives you access to a website without communicating with the original website. There is one thing similar in browser proxy sites and mirror sites and that is there working. They both can be used to bypass internet censorship. As the original website is not available so the proxies of Extratorrent would never work. Now Extratorrent fans are left with two choices one is to use mirror sites and the other is to use its alternatives.

Top 5 Extratorrents Proxy Mirror Sites


Top 10 Alternatives to Extratorrents Website

To most of the extratorrent fans, it was only one of its kind. However, they are wrong, it was never the only website; instead there are many other websites that are considered as best by some people. The following are the top 10 best Extratorrent alternatives.

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1.The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is counted among the oldest websites on the internet for torrents. It has played more file sharing roles than any other torrent website. The founders of pirate bay have been fighting a war with the law enforcement and the copyright watchdogs for a long time now. Some of its founders have also ended up in prison. Pirate bay has a comprehensive directory of different categories. You can look up for anything on torrent according to your desired category. The pirate bay has been the most popular torrent site from the 2000s.


RARBG is also a very popular website on which you can get the latest movies and TV shows. RARBG has a clean and well-organized layout unlike other torrent websites. All the torrents available on RARBG are provided with a summarized description, cover art, screenshots, and any other important relevant information. Movies and TV shows are available in different resolutions ranging from SD way up to 1080p blu ray rips. RARBG not only provides you movies and TV shows, but it also provides you with many other things like games, music, software programs and much more. 


LimeTorrents is growing and evolving day by day despite the current bad scenes of file sharing. It is a general purpose torrent website. LimeTorrents introduced a new innovative and sleek design for their homepage with large buttons for many popular categories and a search bar recently. Unfortunately, the rest of the website is not that much well-designed like its homepage. But you should not let this fact stop you from using LimeTorrents as the thing that matters the most is the quality of the content it provides. LimeTorrents never disappoints you in terms of quality as it has everything from movies to games.


No doubt 1337x is the best site right now in terms of styling and designing. Probably most of the people want their favorite torrent site to have such user-friendly design. 1337x has been available for torrent downloading since 2007. It is popular for sharing fresh content to the torrent fans from all over the globe. The current domain of 1337x is, but still many backup domains are available in case of any mishap. 

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Zooqle is quickly growing day by day as a famous alternative to Extratorrents and many other large torrent websites which have been shut down. You can find above 3.5 million torrents on Zooqle currently. This website has almost all the latest content as around 1000 torrent files are added to this website every day. Zooqle’s amazing and modern design has a lot to do with its growing popularity nowadays. On the homepage you can see what seeded torrents are currently available. You can search for any torrent by name, or you can also browse the latest torrents available on site. Zooqle is available in many languages including English, and Russian. 


Torrentz2 does not store any torrent files by itself. It is basically a metasearch engine that collects the search results of your desired torrent file from other torrent websites. As it does not have torrent files, it has not got the attention of copyright watchdogs and law enforcement. It is not user-friendly like any other site available on this list, but it always helps you find the best torrent for you. 

Read More: Avast Cleanup Premium Key is one of the successors of a very popular torrent site, YIFY torrents. Just like its predecessor it provides you with all the high quality latest movies available online. These torrents have a lot of seeders and less leechers so the torrent does not take a lot of time to install. Although resembles YIFY but they both have different owners. 


RuTracker is a semi private torrent tracker which has all the latest collections of the latest Russian and English movies. Anyone can make an account for free on this website. This website does not have any strict seeding requirements. All its users are encouraged to share what they have downloaded. This is basically a torrenting etiquette. This site is in Russian, so if you can’t understand Russian then you can translate this website to English before using it as it would be difficult for you to navigate this website. You won’t require any kind of help once you get used to the layout of this website. This website has a lot of ads, but you can get rid of them by using an ad blocker with a Russian filter. 


KickassTorrents is one of those torrents which don’t require any kind of lengthy introduction. This site was launched back in 2008. It enjoyed more than 1 million users at one time a day. Even though KickassTorrents is not quite popular nowadays, still it is counted among the most visited torrent sites. KickassTorrents has a very simple yet sophisticated search page. It resembles a bit of google search. It also provides you with an option to switch to an alternative homepage that displays all the popular torrents from different categories. This alternative homepage has its own search bar. This alternative search page lets you access the community section. In this community section, the members of KickassTorrents discuss torrenting in several languages. 

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TorrentDownloads is a very stylish looking alternative for Extratorrent. This torrent website provides you many categories of torrents like games, software programs, movies, TV shows, books, anime, and many more. The best thing about TorrentDownloads is that it does not have annoying ads everywhere. Almost all the content available on this site is legit. All the torrent sites have bad apples, but this torrent site has the least amount of bad apples as compared to other torrent sites. When you are downloading a torrent file from TorrentDownloads then you will be redirected to temporarily. It is a free service that catches torrent files online. TorrentDownloads does this, so it can protect itself from copyright watchdogs. Many other torrent sites do the same thing but most of them just give magnet links instead of giving you an option to download.


Only some torrent sites get recognition like Extratorrent as it is very difficult. Even though Extratorrent is not online anymore but still there are many alternatives, and many of these alternatives are much better. 

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