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Top Factors to Consider When Comparing Competitor Route Scheduling Software




In today’s world of growing technology, software plays a crucial role in streamlining and improving the entire workflow. 

When you’re comparing route scheduling software solutions, there are many things that should be thought through down to the last detail, since even small oversights can have big consequences. Here are top 7 factors to take into consideration when comparing NEMT scheduling software to get you on the road to the best solution. 


Indeed, the cost of your automation software plays an important part in the software selection process. However, the price should correlate with the profitability and value the program offers to your company. 

Moreover, it’s not worth buying software that has a long list of features as you don’t want to overpay for unnecessary things. 

Security level

One of the biggest concerns for every NEMT company is security. Every piece of software can have technical and functional problems sometimes. And that’s when hackers take action on software users. For instance, RouteGenie NEMT software makes sure your data is protected against unauthorized access, malicious cyber attack and other hacker risks. 


Customer reviews will give you a better idea of the product you are going to invest in. You can read numerous reviews on the consumer websites and learn more about the cost, ease of use, support, reporting, and implementation of the software.

Flexibility and scalability 

As an NEMT company owner, you will always have expansion plans. You should choose a software solution that can accommodate your further development and growth. It has to be flexible enough to add more users, respond to market changes and new business opportunities. 

User interface 

If you obtain an easy-to-use software solution, your workers will not need to spend a great deal of time on training sessions, and will be able to get back to work faster. However, if the system is too hard to use, will your employees be able to navigate it? The best way out would be to compare the benefits of the program to the expense and time spent on training your employees. It’s definitely worth investing in the software, if its advantages clearly outweigh the cost of training. 

Training courses 

Software is part of a larger process. Once you’ve made your final decision on which software to obtain, you have to make sure your employees will be provided with expert training and advanced technical support. Therefore, you can rest assured that your staff knows how to use the system and can benefit from its capabilities.


Before making a final decision, use the software in the intended environment. The provider of offers a free trial of its product. It will help you better understand if the program operates smoothly, performs the desired functions, and solves the tasks. 

You have to properly research and analyze the software solutions on offer. So take a step ahead, since a powerful software will take you towards your objectives, helping you accomplish them. 

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