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Best Louis Vuitton Watches Available In The Marketplace Right Now



Louis Vuitton has been making history for a very long time now, but there is a specific thing that makes them as popular as they are now. That is the fact that they have not started making luxury timepieces. They started their history by creating and designing clothes for everyone.

But since they have been so successful in doing so, they branched out. By branching out, we mean that they created and designed luxury watches also, and they have not been wrong in doing so. Over the years, since the day they have completed their first one, everything they have been making is being put in the market at a very high price, not just because of the brand name, but also the quality and materials used. Here are some of the best ones they have made so far.

Escale Time Zone Blue 41 Luxury Watch

The Escale Time Zone Blue 41 is a Louis Vuitton Watch that you should not miss out on to start this list. With everything that this watch has, and the surprisingly low and affordable market price. There is no doubt that this watch has gained popularity already. It also has a color combination that looks good, like on its exterior. 

With a price range of just about $9,000 up to $10,000, you can purchase a perfect and extravagant timepiece. It has luminescent minute and hour hands that Louis Vuitton is most proud of. This watch earns that much because it is embedded with a whopping amount of 21 diamonds. That truly is a fancy way to live.

Tambour Damier Graphite Race Chronograph Luxury Watch

This one has almost the same price as the top but has different specs and features. Louis Vuitton makes their timepieces in a specific model with the same design and features and with different prices. The only difference is that they add some actual specs and better color variations to the more expensive ones.

The Tambour Damier Graphite Race Chronograph Luxury Watch has a price range of about $10,000 up to $11,000. It is made with a Sandblasted pure stainless steel casing with anthracite PVD coating, an Overmolded green and black rubber crown, minute, hour, second, date, and chronograph functions water-resistant up to 100m in depth.

Escale Time Zone Spacecraft Luxury Watch

The Escale Time Zone Spacecraft is much like the Escale Time Zone Blue 41 but with a slightly higher price range than the other one. The reason for that is the extra features and the color combination of both watches. This specific one is more of a distinct, classic, and genuine timepiece that you would not see in any other pieces in this world.

It has a price range of about $12,000 up to $12,500. With that much money, it would be a total waste if you have bought a wristwatch that will not satisfy you. But that is not the case with this one. If you have the means to buy this masterpiece right here, do so since it will be worth the purchase. Just try it!

Tambour Damier Cobalt Blue and Gold Chronograph 45 Luxury Watch

Now, onto the last and most expensive timepiece in this list. The Louis Vuitton original, Tambour Damier Cobalt Blue and Gold Chronograph 46is a magnificent beast that will make you feel in power whenever you wear it. It has that distinct look that will make anyone who sees it anxious and jealous that you get to wear this masterpiece, that is if you loved it and bought it instead.

With a price range of about $17,000 up to $18,000, it will leave a scratch on your credit card or leave a massive hole in your wallet. But all that sacrifice would be worth it once you have already seen this piece. Be sure to take some time to take a look and indulge in the beauty of a Louis Vuitton wristwatch.


Louis Vuitton truly has many options available for their watch category. You will surely find the perfect timepiece best suited for you. All you need to do is check out, and you will find the best timepiece for you.

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