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A Guide To Green Energy



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Green energy is defined as the energy that is produced by resources that are completely natural, such as water, wind, sunlight etc. In addition to being all natural, these resources are also renewable in that unlike less green alternatives, such as coal and natural gas, it does not take thousands of years for the resource to be made. 

The main thing with green energy is that it does not do any harm to the environment as they do not give off harmful chemical by products, such as various greenhouse gases.

How Green Energy Works

To make energy in a green way, it must come from a source that is not damaging to the environment and is completely renewable. This includes the likes of hydroelectric power, biomass, geothermal energy, wind power, and solar energy. 

Whilst all being green, they each harness energy in a different way, with it either coming from the power of the sun via solar panels or using windmills that are powered by the blowing of the wind. 

Economic Viability Of Green Energy

In order to fully understand if green energy is economically viable, it needs to be compared with the current alternative – fossil fuels. As the levels of fossil fuels start to diminish and they become much more difficult to extract from the earth, their cost will go up to reflect this. 

Whilst the cost of fossil fuels are becoming more expensive, the cost of green energy is actually coming right down. Building the infrastructure required for green energy, such as localised solar farms is also relatively inexpensive, which helps to positively contribute to the low price of it. 

As the technology develops and becomes more efficient, along with an increase in demand from consumers for green energy, the cost of it will only come down further, meaning that for the masses it will be an economically viable option. However, when the industry reaches this stage there will be the issue of green energy tariffs to consider. You can read more about the cost of green energy tariffs on the link.

Efficiency Of Green Energy

How efficient a specific resource is massively dependent on its particular location. Where the right weather conditions persist, such as long periods of strong sun light, a source of green energy can be highly efficient. 

In order to be able to accurately compare the different types of green energy, you must consider the complete lifecycle of each one. This includes looking at the amount of energy that is required to produce the energy source in the very first place and how much of the energy that it produces is transferred into electricity. 

It is currently the case that wind farms are seen as the most efficient means of creating green energy, as very little processing and refining is required when compared with solar panels. Thanks to advances in technology that are used to make the windmills, their life span has increased considerably, meaning that they can be put to work to generate electricity for many years now.

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