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4 Clever Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Starbucks



4 Clever Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Starbucks

Formulating marketing strategies to fortify the organization’s ability to earn profit through the marketing group will be truly a challenging task. It’s most probably because the needs and wants of customers evolve over a short span of time and the marketing team should always be one step further. It’s not enough that the marketing group bolsters their primary functions, such as promotion and identifying the target market. It needs to take into account certain factors that go above those functions. 

The good thing is big brands such as Starbucks can be used as an inspiration or perhaps, a guide in making marketing strategies or efforts. Here are some of them.

A different kind of customer interaction and customer service. 

If there’s one thing known and expected in most Starbucks locations worldwide, that would be excellent interaction with customers and customer service. You probably have seen writing your name on the cup, right? That’s their trademark. And once your order is ready, they call you. This gimmick may seem simple, but it actually made a buzz. Also, Starbucks staff are trained to be courteous when taking orders and even interacting with customers. They often display a high level of enthusiasm which makes them exceptional in terms of customer service. 

Perks and incentives.

Incentivizing and enabling loyal customers to have access to exclusive perks surely is a thing in this modern-day age. But Starbucks has a different way of expressing gratitude to those who have proven and consistent patronage for the brand and its products. They are quite generous because you get some gifts every time you purchase something from them. Not only that, they make use of technology to promote efficiency amongst customers, such as their My Starbucks Rewards. 


Needless to say, the key to surviving in the tough competition in the market is to make a difference and be a trendsetter. Starbucks is also known for this. From seasonal flavors of beverages, developing drinks from the secret menu, and free access to wifi, Starbucks continues to keep customers excited about going to the store. They just have something new to offer and people are hooked by it. This fast-moving innovation is one of the reasons they continue to stay on top.

Branding consistency. 

In terms of brand awareness, Starbucks is also in the lead. Whatever Starbucks branch you go to, the taste and quality of one beverage, for instance, Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, will be the same as the one you bought from the other Starbucks store. People are at ease knowing that as long as there is a nearby Starbucks at their place, they don’t have to search high and low to have that beverage. The effect of this is that people’s awareness and familiarity with the brand and the quality of its products are being embedded into them and get stronger. 

Final Words 

Starbucks is indeed an inspiration to marketing teams of any organization whether it’s a coffee business or not because surely, their marketing schemes can be applied to various business ventures. Marketers should learn how to be as creative as the Starbucks marketing team because that’s one of the surest ways to beat and stand out from the competition.

Adam is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast. He works for various Tech Blogs. He spends most of his time reading and writing about technology.

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