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An Entrepreneurial Guide For E-commerce Development



E-commerce Development

E-commerce means electronic commerce. It means setting up your business and selling your products worldwide no matter where your location is. Everyone can sell their products online. So, when you sell items online it’s called e-commerce. To start your business online you need a platform for e-commerce development.

Today every business owner taking place in the digital market and competing in the online market. E-commerce sites are becoming very important these days because it provides a lot of advantages to the business owner and the customer. But it is not an easy job you must have to compete with others and to take a position on top. Every business owing to get a place in the online market so it is difficult you need the best idea for your project and business.

When you have an idea for your business then you need a platform to develop an e-commerce site. There are many platforms to develop an e-commerce site. But we suggest you choose one of our three top suggestions. These three top e-commerce development platforms are as below and we tell you an entrepreneurial guide for e-commerce development.

Top 3 Platforms for E-commerce Development:

1. Magento:

When you talk about e-commerce development platforms every expert prefers Magento. Magento is suggested by expert e-commerce developers that’s why you should choose Magento for e-commerce development. Web developers across the world choose magneto because they expect a comfortable and reliable platform that fulfills their problems. Magneto is a platform that is used for millions of peoples to create regular websites.

Magneto controls the functionality and content of your website. It provides beneficial features for your website.

Why Magneto is highly suggested by E-Commerce developers?

Magneto provides the best features for its users that’s why it is the first choice of developers. Magneto left all e-commerce platforms behind and becomes the worlds no 1 e-commerce platform across the world. This platform holds 4.55% business of the overall industry.

Reasons why should you choose Magento for e-commerce development?

There are so many reasons why you should choose Magento for e-commerce development. We can show some main and efficient features of Magento. 

  • Plethora of Rich features

Magneto left behind all the platforms that provide the complexity of managing an e-commerce requirement by providing its plethora of rich set of features that provide complete protection and support.

  • High Performance and scalability

Magento can scale every small to a large store delivery with the best of his performance. With Magento, you don’t need to worry because its performance and scalability are best from all e-commerce platforms.

  • Phenomenal Execution

Magento is favored for its large number of augmentations. Magento is can never be wrong champ. When we talk about diminishing page load time and other static activities Magneto comes first to accept these challenges at minimum time.

  • SEO Friendliness

Magento also provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it is another great thing that describes it is best for your e-commerce website. Magento helps you to rank sitemaps URL rewrites and so on with its SEO components.

  • Pervasive product management

Comprises more than thousands of products is also an important aspect of catalog management of being in the online business. It allows you to upload a very large amount of data online to sell.

  • Open-source Platform

Magneto is a free open source program. You can use it without any cost. It is best for smaller and medium-sized businesses. This version allows many features to fulfill many desires. Magento creators also create features for you to advance your magneto online store.

  • Mobile Experience

Most of the mobile users across the world use mobile to put orders online. Thus Magento helps you to improve your shopping experience online on cell phones. As experts from suggest, optimized mobile user experience can result in an up to 30% increase in sales. So, choose Magento for a mobile e-commerce platform for a better mobile experience.

  • Third-party integration

Third-party means website is a plugin with any other service which is provided by the third-party person. It gives an advantage to both the user and the website owner. Third-party tools are used for better engagement in the online shopping experience. The business owner gets to know how many sales this month, behavior with customer, important insights of the e-commerce for these things you need a third-party application.

  • Themes and Templates

Themes and Templates are also the most important feature of Magneto. They are all customizable. Magneto offers many themes and templates for an e-commerce business. These themes are built to suit different types of an online e-commerce business. These themes and templates are available for free.

  • User-friendly security

PCI compliance, SSC security predominately, and different levels of source validation these role-based security systems are all offered by Magento. Security is very necessary when you come to a business level. We care about online payments with customers and many other security issues but when we talked about Magento there is no security issue found in Magento.


Wix is also known as a website builder. It is also the best and famous platform to build a website. Wix helps you to create an e-commerce site. Wix is a very simple platform to create an e-commerce site. Wix is highly preferred for its simplicity and all features for your e-commerce development is available on Wix.

The main thing about Wix is that Wix manager made an inventory, order tracking system, and communicate with your customer chat box for you. Wix has a lot of templates you can add a gallery, product view, and much more on your screen.

Wix is a new platform for e-commerce so it may not perfect for you. But they are updating their technology very much. They have been improved. You can’t do many things like in Magento targeting customers etc.


Shopify is the most well-known e-commerce development platform. It was found in 2006. According to Shopify, they say they can create and run an e-commerce store in some minutes. People can use their templates from worldwide and customize themselves.

It is all in one platform, you can use Shopify easily and set up your business easily because Shopify provides the best services. Shopify is the best service provider winner 24/7.

Adam is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast. He works for various Tech Blogs. He spends most of his time reading and writing about technology.

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