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How to Set Content Com Android Browser Home Page (content://




Android browser is a must-have for mobiles these days. Almost everyone nowadays owns an Android phone, as they come with different excellent features. Of all its features, the Android browser with flash is one of the essential apps on mobile devices. Android browsing the web (content:// change a person’s entire experience.  Usually, all the Android phones come with GOOGLE Chrome as the default web browser. It is quite easy and is very convenient to use.  

Popular Android Browsers

Besides Google Chrome, there are some other browsers s well. Some are listed below:

  1.     Dolphin Browser
  2.     Brave Browser
  3.     Firefox Browser
  4.     Microsoft Edge
  5.     Opera’s Browser
  6.     Samsung Internet Browser
  7.     Tor Browser

If some one desires to change the default web browser from Google Chrome to another, he can simply go to the settings and look for different methods to improve it.

How to set up content://

Content is responsible for characterizing a default homepage in an Android browser. If someone wishes to transform or change some of the characteristics, then there is a secret method available for it which can be achieved by simply following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Step1: First of all, all one needs to do, is to open the default Android web browser application
  • Step2: Secondly, tap the menu button which can be seen at the upper half right of the screen
  • Step3:  Click on the menu which indicates settings and then go down the sub-menu until the Android Browser Setting option is discovered.
  • Step4: After you find the setting option, open general settings.
  • Step5: Afterwards, click on the Set Homepage
  • Step6: Finally, either one can enter the desired URL which one is wishing to set as a default android browser apk or simply choose a clear page option.

If someone is unable to find the option on the phone, the following steps should be followed:

  • Step1: Firstly, one should open the site which one wishes to set as a homepage
  • Step2: Secondly, press the menu button
  • Step3: Leave the page to the bookmark
  • Step4: Press the menu button again
  • Step5: Visit the History
  • Step6: Find the site which was left at the 3rd step, tap and hold it.
  • Step7: When the menu comes up, simply pick, set as Homepage.

How to Set Content Com Android Browser Home Page

No one is bound to use the web browser which s set as default by the phone makers. Lots of far better and practical browsers are available on the Google Play store. Most of the web browsers do not cost anything and can be used by simple one click. Firefox is one of the browsers which is widely used and is considered convenient; it proves helpful from the work perspective. There is an option to synchronize workplace Firefox with that of the smart phone’s. In this way, all the notifications, messages, passwords, history, preferences will match up with the workplace desktop.  Moreover, setting Firefox as a web browser on the phone offers a chance to set up the homepage more quickly.

One can simply install it from Play Store or can download it from the .apk file by visiting this link and following the mentioned steps:

  1.     Open the ‘SETTINGS’ option on the phone
  2.     Keep scrolling till you find the option as Apps, notifications, and warnings and latter tap to open it.
  3.     Tap on the ‘Default applications’ and then look for a menu called ‘Browser’.
  4.     From the list, pick either Firefox or any of the web browsers that you wish to set as a default browser.

If someone is interested in changing the web browser’s front page, then he should take notice of the fact that if he is a separate individual user who needs to handle voyages and prefers using wi-fi over mobile data, then he should introduce modules which give a tile of ties for simple connects of the preferred pages rather than setting a custom front page. For this also, one needs to set the web browsing application’s default page to which is a non-HTTPS website developed by ICANN.

Setting the default page to will help support users who connect to open wi-fi most of the time and keep getting error messages regarding the connection not being safe. Using a non-HTTPS website can save one from a lot of hustle by reducing the issues related to connecting to an open wi-fi by automatically connecting to it.

There are chances that sometimes a person is using an application that demands him/her to visit the browser which is set as default by the phone makers and a person wishes not to cause it. In this situation, he/she can simply install an app called better open to deal with such situations. It is a free application for Android gadgets and lets its users choose the default application for Audio, EBook, PDF, and Email.

Which Web Browser to Use for content:// ?

Different web browsers have various features that may prove good for the person intending to use them. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are some fine choices. Each one of them has the privilege to have multi-gadgets and multiple accounts that prove convenient for the users to use content://

Custom ROM like CyanogenMod or DotOS are the options to be used when a user faces trouble marking on their phone. Hey are network build and therefore they are faster. They offer more number of highlights than a standard ROM. However, one needs to keep this in mind that by changing the ROM one could void the guarantee of the phone, as many phone makers do not fancy making any internal changes or modding their operating system.  So by making a change to the operating system, one is relinquishing customer assistance facilities. For this reason, this option is least suggested. The best alternative to making custom changes is to fully understand the operating system and be familiar with the specifications.


There are lots of web browsers available on the Play Store that one can get and get some advantages out of them. Moreover, the users should also consider getting rid of enlarged programming to use a protected, quick, and smooth engine.

Adam is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast. He works for various Tech Blogs. He spends most of his time reading and writing about technology.

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